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Jun Posted by drmarkgriffiths. One bodily fluid that has not really been the subject of scientific research is saliva in relation to saliva fetishes and spit fetishes. From my reading on this topic, there appears to be a difference between saliva fetishes and spit fetishes which I will explain below. In researching this blog I came across two spit fedish of saliva fetishes one from New Zealand and one from Japan that were both very similar.

The online Urantia Book claims that historically saliva was a potent fetish. However, in the case of Simmonds, the use of saliva from prepubescent girls suggests that the behaviour was a paedophilic precursor. There are also cultural variations that need to be taken into.

Few Westerners would disagree that kissing can be erotic and enjoyable. However, other cultures view kissing as simply the human exchange of saliva. For instance, the Amazonian Mehinaku tribe view kissing as disgusting and a sexual abnormality. Her perspective was clearly from those with an interest in sexual sadism and sexual masochism.

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Spit fedish wrote:. The submissive partner may also be forced to swallow the liquid spit if their mouth is spat into. The response was:. A slap can be aggressive or playful, hurtful or stimulating. Likewise, a wad of spit can be contemptuous or loving, depending on the intention. The following quote was typical:. His fetish for spit also extended into dribbling, where he liked for me to dribble on myself, preferably across my chest, and for him to rub his face in it, in the spit.

Compared to all other paraphilic and fetishistic behaviours concerning sexual arousal to human bodily fluids, there is ificantly less written about saliva and spitting fetishes. All Experts January Spitting fetishism. Dahmer, J. The Guy with the Creepiest Fetish Ever! WDRG, December New Zealand Herald July Pervscan Deviant saliva fetish led to attack.

August UB The News undated. Fetishes, charms and magic. The Urantia Book Paper World of Sexual Fetishes Swapping spit. March 5. Zerubavel, E. Bookmark the permalink. I love your blog on spit fetish, a fascinating read.

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I, myself, have a spit fetish but it is not bizarre as the two cases you mentioned above. I derived my pleasure from getting spit on by adult males. My spit fetish is not an addiction; it is more of a bonus but sometimes it can be an addiction depending on my mood in sexual spit fedish. In addition to the reasons why people have this fetish, it is also the smell of spit me from other people that gets people going. This is not mentioned much but I spit fedish you can write another blog on this fetish includes that tidbit of information I gave you. Let me know what you think about this.

I would love to hear from you. I have had a strong urge to smell the saliva of females since I was in 1st grade. I remember the first time I ever did it, I was in 2nd grade. All I knew is when a girl I though was cute spit on something or somewhere, it gave me this rush that was unbelievable. All I wanted to do is get a hold of it, wipe it on my upper lip and smell it. Over and over. The chances were rare and it hardly ever happened, but when it did it was the best thing in the world to me.

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There is also a rush in the finding a way to get a hold of that spit and smell it before it disappears, without anyone knowing. It has been there since I can remember being alive.

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So where did this come from? I have no clue. I too have had a spit smell fetish most of my life. I always felt it was abnormal so I never told anyone growing up and have only revealed it to a couple of people in my adulthood. I believe my fetish comes from my stepmother spitting on hankerchiefs and wiping my face as. Her spit had a strong sour smell that I remember not liking at the time.

When puberty hit and I began to masterbate I distinctly remember using my spit as lube and getting off on the smell of my spit as it mixed with my sweaty genital smells. Its been a big part of my sexual attraction to potential lovers in my lifetime. Informative read! I really enjoyed this and I hope spit fedish come across some more posts of this nature. Many thanks for your cyber contribution. Just exchange of saliva while kissing. I have a bodily fluid spit fedish and digestion fetish. I find it fascinating that he has a fetish for covering my face with my saliva.

He has me lay back with head over the edge of the bed and gags me his penis, when I choke and gag he makes me open my mouth and scoops out the spit and rubs in one my face, over my nostrils, and in my hair. Most of it in my hair. Later he cleans my face with a clean towel and said, let daddy clean you up, did the same with my hair.

He also became increasingly excited sexually. I love when my face is heavily covered spit. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress.

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Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. The salivation army: A brief look at spit fetishes Jun He was arrested following an indecent sexual attack on an year old girl. Simmonds had been ly convicted in for obtaining saliva from four spit fedish girls that he would use as a lubricant for masturbatory purposes. He had also been trying to do the same thing with the year old girl.

The court was told that Simmonds was incapable of relating to women of his own age and therefore targeted young girls to help maintain his sexual saliva fetish. He would give the girls gum to chew to stimulate salivation, and then get the girls to spit into the cup.

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Case 2: More recently, at the end ofthere was a news report of a year old Japanese man with an alleged saliva fetish. The man in question — Spit fedish Mizuno — was arrested after approaching young women, and asking them to spit into a jar. While they spat into the jars, Mizuno filmed them and then kept their saliva to drink at a later point.

To get them to spit in the jar, Mizuno used a cover story that he was doing research on saliva. The police also found other videos of Mizuno masturbating and using the female saliva as a masturbatory lubricant. The man was charged with indecency as he had not actually caused any knowing harm to the women he had approached.

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