What is cumplay

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My BF is really into cumplay, he likes to see me with cum in my mouth or on my face, and play with it a little. However I don't really know what to do with it, I usually simply eat it. Do you have any more interesting ideas of what I could do with his cum to drive him crazy?

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I've had a few guys who really liked me swallowing and doing stuff with their cum. Sometimes, like you said I don't do much more than show it to him in my mouth my boyfriend likes that a lot and then swallow it. But sometimes I'll act like I'm savoring the taste a bit even though honestly it doesn't actually taste that great. And maybe tell him he came "so much this time!

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Or sometimes I'll scoop it out of me a bit if he comes in me and then swallow it, or squat on the ground if we're home and I know it's clean and squeeze it out of me and then eat it off the ground. He actually goes kind of crazy over that. I honestly don't think it takes a lot of commitment.

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If you like someone you find out what they like and you do those kinds of things right? I do the same. I also make cum popsicles, blow bubbles with cum, wipe it all over my face and eat it off, eat it out of my pussy, sky is the limit haha. Never understood why people love cumplay like this, but I definitely give you kudos for your commitment towards your man, he's one lucky guy! Wait for what is cumplay time before you are just about to go out of the house. Then just before he cums, stop, sit up on your knees in front of him, open your panties from the top with your two thumbs so that he can see your pussy, and ask him to cum in your panties.

Let him masturbate and shoot directly into your panties. When he's done, close your panties, pull down your skirt and go out shopping. Yeah - I did this with a gf before we went out to dinner once. It was awesome. I had a lover once who blew me and when I got close, knelt between my legs and jerked my cock until I came all over her chest and belly. She then slowly rubbed it in like lotion.

To this day, one of the most erotic things I've ever seen. Use his cum to lubricate your asshole and then ask him to fuck your ass. Alternatively, use it to lube up a toy and put that in your ass while he gets hard again. Or use what is cumplay cum to lube up a dildo and fuck his ass with it. Turn about is fair play. Posted by 5 years ago. Thanks Sort by: best. Just woke up to this.

I'm flattered. Holy shit. Doing gods work this one! Continue this thread. Sweet baby Hesus. Dedication u go girl. Damn, that's amazing I cannot recommend this enough; it is incredibly hot. I LOVE going out like this. SO hot. Is it safe to do this if you aren't on birth control? More posts from the sex community. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges.

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What is cumplay

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