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Forums » Ex-gay - Miracle or Myth? Came across these video's which really touched my heart and almost led me to tears. Just wondering what others think?

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Hi Brunski As the title suggests, these clips involve experimental things done to. It was as I expected, very distressing to watch. I only got a third of the way through the first one and had to stop it. I won't be watching the others. So note to others before watching: these clips contain distressing content. We are who we are.

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And it's horrifying to think that would be judged then punished based on what toys he chooses to play with. I recall vividly when I was 5 years old how a beloved teacher's helper suggested I should have a doll in my pusher rather than my much loved teddy. She was puzzled about that and I couldn't understand why it mattered. And the thing is — it didn't matter. But she put some doubts in my mind about myself which were unnecessary and unhelpful.

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What were your thoughts, Brunski? Blessings, Ann Maree. I felt shocked watching this : I am lucky not to have experienced quite such a 'repressive' and 'regressive' normalising 'upbringing' : however, such a depiction of such disgraceful 'treatment' of a four year old HOW could they be so arrogant?

My Regards HKG 60 y. I have worked with at least one young man whom I feel sure suicided for very that very same reason i. Thanks for the he up Ann Maree, I won't be watching them.

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As Ann Maree said Brunksi what did you think of the videos and what was your motivation in posting them. Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Avatars by Sterling Adventures. January 24, July 16, July 17, ,

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