Freckle fetish

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Most men when asking their girlfriends to enhance their bodies are talking about breast enhancement. Cooper, a 23 year old college student living in Irvine, California had other plans for his now ex-girlfriend Tiffany. Cooper, has a fetish for freckles, and Tiffany has what he said is flawless skin. I wanted to bring her to a tattoo place, and have them tattoo freckles on her face. No big deal. Neighbors called police, and removed Cooper from their apartment.

According to the reports, Tiffany told police that Cooper has become increasingly weird, and that she is afraid of him.

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Girls are doing this to make themselves look good on instagram. I want her to have freckles all the time. Snickersee attempted to reach out to Tiffany to see if we could repair the relationship. That guy is a freak. Cooper pointed out to us that he is now currently using the dating apps Tinder, and Bumble. He hopes to find someone with freckles, or is willing to have the procedure done.

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Freckle fetish

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Freckle and Mole Fetish