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It's no secret that guys love dirty talkbut often, women leave the dirty talking up to their man and don't turn up the verbal turn-on themselves. Sometimes women struggle with finding the right dirty things to say to a guy.

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If you like the idea of figuring out how to turn a guy on with a little dirty talk but feel awkward and shy about how to get started without sounding foolishthis article is for you! Dirty talking can be intimidating, so I'll arm you with dirty talk examples for how to turn your man on and keep you and sex on his mind all day long, even when you're not around.

You can say them in person, or even over dirty text messages.

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Now that you have some examples Then try turning him on with your own dirty talk. What turns you on about your man? It could be his butt, his arms, his face, or even his feet.

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Use this as a starting point to come up with a sexy phrase that lets him know exactly how it makes you feel no holds barred. Try some verbal foreplay with your man to describe in detail what sexy act you have planned for later. Make it intimate and hot! Use your imagination to describe what you would like him to do to you and let him know how much you would like it. So if you're alluding to making love, let him know how much you enjoy it! A really easy way to use dirty talk while you're hooking up or just before is to give him commands and tell him what to do.

Be confident and just shy of aggressive, he will be turned on by your take-charge attitude in bed.

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