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These incredibly soft, opaque tights are deed with a plus-size figure in mind. They are full-footed and have 70 denier, making them so comfortable you won't want to take them off. Stretch to perfectly fit your unique body shape. Incredibly soft, stretchy and durable 80 denier Microfiber Tights. These tights are full-footed with a medium thickness and solid opaque color.

Available in our 51 colors! High fashion and high function microfiber spandex footless tights. Now you can have your style of leggings in each of our over 51 colors!! Our high performance dance tights are built to last performance after performance, without running or snagging. If you like surprises and trying new things mystery boxes are just for you. You may get unique colors, one of a kind items, stuff that may not even be for sale on our website. If some of the goodies are not your style you can always swap with friends or surprise them with a little something.

Neutrals would be your basic black, shades of grey, brown, navy, white. Bright colors, all the other solid colors including neons and pastels and Surprise Me may have some funky and adventurous colors as well as classic neutrals and bright colors. Including our hand dyed splash color items. Fun, right? In case that wasn't good enough, this box includes free priority mail shipping. This is your chance to wear one of a kind footless tights. None of them will ever be the same. These packs are perfect for tights lovers color lovers, you may even want to collect them as this is a limited edition.

You may get orange and purple, pink and black, red and yellow, who knows! We hand dye them in a creative and spontaneous way for you. Each one is a little piece of art. Our footless tights are tights lovers out of our classic soft and stretchy microfiber yarn. Perfect to layer with shorts, skirts, dresses during the warmer months of the year and underneath every single garment during the cold months to brighten up those gray days as you also get warmed up. Womens Tights 9 styles. Womens Socks 8 styles.

Womens Fishnet Pantyhose 5 styles. Womens Dancewear 5 styles. Womens Gloves 4 styles. Womens Masks 4 styles. Womens Patterned Tights 3 styles. Womens Knee Highs 3 styles. Womens Thigh Highs 3 styles.

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Womens Laces 2 styles. Womens Fishnet Bodywear 1 styles. Kids Tights 7 styles. Kids Dancewear 5 styles. Kids Socks 4 styles. Kids Masks 4 styles. Kids Laces 2 styles. Kids Fishnet Pantyhose 1 styles. Kids Gloves 1 styles.

Mens Tights 8 styles. Mens Socks 5 styles. Mens Dancewear 5 styles.

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Mens Gloves 4 styles. Mens Masks 4 styles. Mens Knee Highs 2 styles. Mens Laces 2 styles. Closeouts 5 styles. Crafts Fabrics 7 styles. Filter Filter. Sale Products. Nylon Socks Black. Kids MicroFiber Tights Black. Nylon Spandex Tights. Save to list Add to cart. Microfiber Ankle Length Footless Tights.

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Footless Performance Tights Leggings. Performance Tights. Mystery Box. Splash Colors Footless Tights 3 Pack. We Love Colors. Lucky Code - Copied You may not use paste feature to share your code.

Tights lovers

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