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Sock fetish girls one girl that i thought did has been ignoring me for four days now we used to be close now it feels like she's ignoring me and doesn't care about me anymore snd I've only been nothing but nice to her. Why has she been ignoring you exactly? If it's because of socks then she isn't worth your time.

It could be from a busy schedule or a misunderstanding. No it wasn't from that its just she just stopped talking to ne and i knows she's ignoring me because i look at my text message i sent her and it says seen but no reply but this is what pisses me of she can be on instagram liking errbodys pics on Twitter rt and tweeting and on fb liking post but can't send a fucking reply back to me now that shit pisses me off.

And I've never been mean to her I've only been nothing but nice to her then she trets me like this. Sad thing is i actual care about her and love her. Thats what makes everything worse. And now she just stops talking to me outta no where. Awww : I'm sorry to hear that. I wish I knew why she would do that. The fact that you guys were so close makes no sense for her to start ignoring you. The only thing I could think of is if she felt annoyed by talk to much. I have heard some sock fetish girls my friends complain about how some guys constantly want to text and stuff and it gets annoying.

So maybe that's what her problem is? Or she is playing mind games? Like that hot and cold or push and pull method. Some girls are weird lol I don't even understand them. This is the first time its happened and weve been like that for the past 2 years I don't know what to think she used to tell me everything now she's pushing me away.

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And im reall concerned wnd worried about her. I just dont know what to do.

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Then you really need to sit her down and talk about what's wrong. A close friendship doesn't just stop one day after 2 years for nothing. It could be a personal problem with her or a problem with your relationship. Either way you need to communicate which will be hard since she is ignoring you.

Try actually calling her and talking over the phone or meeting up to talk about it. If she does then maybe give her some more time and try again. If she still ignores you then you might want to move on. Ik cause i dont know what id do without her she's helped me threw a lot in the past two years and the only person thats always been by my side no matter what she's honestly amazing and id do anything to fix this and make her happy. Well make sure you tell her that!

Let her know you will do anything to fix it and make her happy. I have i sent her a longg ass text message on how i feel about her and everything but she hasn't responded yet. Maybe she is unsure how she feels about you. Give her time and space to sort it out and then ask her how she feels. Don't call it a fetish Just say that you think it;s cute when girls wear colorful socks. Some girls around here think its gross. Just hard to find somebody that doesn't think its weird. There will always be people who dislike the thingse you like. I repeat, I'm sure most women would be totally okay with it, as it's completely harmless, unlike sock fetish girls other fetishes.

Think about the difference. Keywords: maturity, experience. It depends if she does got ugly feet then blah but if she dont. Colorful neon mismatched striped lepoard argyle poka dots so many to chose from!! I haven't really told anybody but I love when a girl is wearing sexy socks it just turns me on. As a lot of girls thinks a foot fetish is weired I don't know how they think about a sock fetish.

You can bascally I have a foot fetish because I like feet but girls wearing colorful socks is a bigger turn on. Share Facebook. Girls, is it weired for a guy to have a sock fetish? Add Opinion. Freedom22 Xper 2. You know what's the most amazing thing about us humans, is that we are not all alike : We are all unique in our own ways. But see it all depends on how the girl you are trying to approach is. Xper 7. No, I don't think it's weird. A lot of guys get turned on when a young woman wears knee highs or those socks with the lacy ruffles around them.

Granted, it's mostly 'cause they have a school girl type fetish, but I'm sure there are others who don't just have a school girl fetish. NoMoreDreams opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Sock fetish girls not weird, its cute in a unique way.

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Personally I don't find feet fetishes weird or gross. So socks are just fine! I like wearing socks, they are really comfortable lol. Don't worry, you will meet a girl who will love everything about you :. I hope so. You just have to be patient :. Show All Show Less. Ok ill try to if she doesn't ignore my calls. I hope so too : it would be sad for a close friendship to end like that. Thank you means alot. You're welcome, I really hope that it works out for the best! LovelyDreamer Xper 4. Laaaaaawl thats sock fetish girls.

I've never heard of that before. It's kinda cute. Im just afraid to tell people because i dont want them to make fun of me. Boomas Xper 1. I have the same exact fetish, and when i told my girl she gave me a sockjob the next time i saw her. Just go for it!

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No, it's actually a pretty common thing Its just that thing that turns me on so easily lol. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Wh1teRabb1t Xper 3. I would find it weird, but in an adorable like way. I like it when a guy has silly little quirks, ; P. Your sock wearing lady is out there! SandPlanet Explorer. I'm pretty sure most women would see no issue with that.

You're worrying for no reason. Youve got a good point there thank you. AnnabelLee opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. It's really okay, can't even see why would anyone be bothered by that. Is it as common as you claim?

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Tanisha69 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Do you like all girls wearing socks? What if she has big ol nasty looking feet? I also a thing for socks i i get turned on by females wearing ankle socks. What kind of socks are sexy to you?

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Sock fetish girls

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