Bsdm dungeon

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However, if you've never taken on this kind of project before, keep in mind that it can be easy to get carried away, take on too much, go over your budget, and lose interest or become frustrated with the project. Let's break it down into manageable concepts Which room you want boils down to your preference but also what's available.

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Basements, garages, and attics are the most popular choices for atmosphere and freedom. Anything beyond that, you just need four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. Climate control is also important. Make sure everyone in there bsdm dungeon comfortable — not overheated or freezing. Image via slutever. It looked like a kinky apple store, and it was gorgeous. Or why not something regal with rich purples, yellow, and blues? I also one that was bright, hot pink — like a Hello Kitty died on the walls. Anything goes. My personal favorite is one general light as well as several spots lights — all on dimmers.

It should be the most distinct item in your collection and your favorite thing. Your decorations and layout will center around this piece. It should be the same concept if you have more money, but you'll just be able to fill the space with more toys. Any commercial play pieces that will bare considerable weight should be well made by a person or company who knows what they are going.

Try converting a storage bench or coffee table into a spanking box by added eye bolt screws.

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Find hidden gems in vintage stores, thrift store, yard sales, or auctions. A simple chair can have endless possibilities. Massage tables as well. Hit up some yard sales or auctions for nice things at affordable prices — mirrors, rugs, interesting pieces of furniture, dog cages etc. Begin by measuring large pieces and room dimensions. Make sure you have ample storage space. This can be in the form of chests, decorative boxes, shelves or shelving units, eye hooks, cupboards etc. Look at what you have and where the best places to put them. Messy dungeons are dangerous and not sexy.

Image via Pinterest. When it comes to the smaller things like floggers, rope, clamps, etc. You can fill your kink closet with plenty of goodies from a dollar or hardware store if you need to pinch pennies. If you have money to spare, focus spending your dollars where high-quality items are needed - eg.

Get ideas for cheap BDSM equipment here:. They're tripping hazards If you have anything that needs to be plugged in like fucking machines make sure to put it someplace near an outlet. What would your dream dungeon be like? Leave your ideas in the comments section below and inspire others!

Also, if you want more fun BDSM articles, you might find these useful Love the article. Just what I need to start my adventure. Dungeon Mistress. Will update as I progress. I think all new construction should have a fuck room. Make sure you stock it up with extra duct tape, rope, mops and bleach, and of course area rugs and a shovel just in case. I am a custom builder, not building for myself but for a client, and this is a good list bsdm dungeon considerations, thank you. Are you located in the Bsdm dungeon I have an old dining room table that I would like to DYI into a bondage cage.

Great article! Lots of good pointers. Thanks x. This is such a good article and makes me realise how far on with the project we already are. Very encouraging. Im into wood working as a hobby and have built several dungeon pieces for Mistress and myself. Have no desire to produce for sale. That said I have been looking for plans to make a bondage chair Ive seen on several occasions.

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Do you know where I can find some plans for chair. Thank you for your comment, we will review it as soon as possible. Then it will show here. Is your available space large or small? Does it need to be hidden or can it be out in the open? Is it more for personal use or something professional? Is it hidden enough from bsdm dungeon eyes?

Do you need to worry about noise complaints? Go with whatever you love! Find hidden gems in vintage stores, thrift store, yard sales, or auctions A simple chair can have endless possibilities. Are things easy to clean around? Are there enough strong points to attach things to? Will you want to move things around a lot? How many people will you have in there at one time?

Do you have plans to buy other large items? Make sure floors, walls, furniture, and other surfaces are easily cleaned and sanitized. Battery candles can be convincing enough if you want mood lighting but worry about the fire department showing up. Area rugs are the go to if you really want something soft under bsdm dungeon feet. Wood items should be sanded to avoid splinters. If your sacred kink-zone is in a basement, mind the possibility of water leaks etc. Comments 9 Mr Alan says:. LOVED this article!!!

Thank you Robyn for giving me a clear idea starting point. Robyn to Mr Alan says:. You're very welcome, Mr. Good luck on your dungeon :. Wade to Mr Alan says:. Hey where do we buy our big equipment from like weels tables ect.

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Bsdm dungeon

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10 Tips on How to Build a Kinky BDSM Dungeon in Your Home