Women who date crossdressers

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View Poll : Would you women date a crossdresser! Never had issues with this or what people do,, but now my cross dressing husband if 20 years said he is curious and can't promise me he won't cheat. This thread is crazy and some of these comments are cracking me up! NO I never want a man that is a cross dresser. For me personally men dressing in women's clothes is creepy and weird.

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If other women like that then that's fine. Sister, I didn't see where your so unattractive, and your legs look fine, I also did not see any hairy legs. I also get men and women to chat with me when I am shopping.

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I am also fortunate that my voice is softer so i do sound femme without trying to. My feeling is this hon, if you dress with class you meet a classier group of people--men and women. Life is to enjoy, so women who date crossdressers enjoy it our way. Info Guy. Originally Posted by Info Guy. Originally Posted by CountryFisher. I'm a divorced crossdresser, typical in some ways and not in others. I started crossdressing at a young age and didn't understand why. My parents caught me a couple of times and were OK the first time and concluded I must be gay, end of story. I thought I must be if I wanted to dress and act as a woman so I tried hooking up with a few guys, basically some bi friends.

Found out I wasn't gay, didn't want a relationship with a man. Like most I got together clothes, then purged them, then got more. It would have driven me crazy if the internet didn't exist and I found out there was something called a transvestite and I was one. Didn't dress for a few years, went to a Halloween party in college in drag and that sort of got me started again. After college I went to TV friendly bars and confided in a few close woman friends that I didn't just cross dress at Halloween. They were supportive especially when it came to hair, makeup and accessories.

Got a little crazy going out then toned it down. Met a woman and we got serious. We went out about a year and a half when we broke up, and I told her about my crossdressing. She freaked out. So I decided from then on I was going to tell whomever I was dating and if they left, well, they left. And most did - I'd say only about one or two out of 10 women were in the spectrum of tolerant to interested, and I only ever dated ONE woman who was "into" it. When I met my soon-to-be ex-wife, I confided in her around Halloween time.

She had a married friend whose husband crossdressed and caught her brother cross dressing so she didn't think it was any big deal. We got divorced after four years but crossdressing wasn't really a factor. Being a 30 yo divorced single crossdresser is everything from awesome to terrifying. I go through phases when I dress a lot and stretches where I don't at all.

My GF is also divorced and from Brazil and finds it fun sometimes and boring others, but just takes it as part of who I am. Most of my friends do as well. But 8 out of 10 women I meet still run away screaming. Maybe younger women just out of college it's only 6 or 7 out of 10 but you get the idea. I think it's pretty common for crossdressers to want to have men attracted to them, but while a lot of them fantasize about it they aren't out there doing the guys at the local bath house. But if someone was a crossdresser when they married you and didn't tell you, that trust is already broken and most women do not believe the statistics that the vast majority of crossdressers are straight married guys.

As mentioned I did date a few guys and - they're selfish in everything, including the bedroom, as if you didn't know that. Stick with women, they're nicer. Many crossdressers really are just men in a frock. To really embrace femininity and all that is good about it is something that most seldom make any effort at all to do.

I mean, if a crossdresser wants to "pass" they could try cooking dinner or cleaning the house, you know? Also if you are going to dress like a woman you are going to be judged by those standards and women are very observant. Men are a lot wider and thicker women who date crossdressers women already so if you are carrying a few extra pounds, guess what?

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You are going to look immense. Either live with it or back away from the doughnuts and hit the gym, pool, bicycle, yoga, or all of the above. Chicago South Sider. Originally Posted by Jesse Would women ever date, like, or marry a crossdresser? Have you ever dated one and how was it like? Or did you marry a guy and later women who date crossdressers out he was a crossdresser - how did it turn out - did you stay or leave him?

What do you think about me? I fit size 4s but I'm a perfect size 6. Fit a rare few size 2s. When I deck myself out with a wig, L'Oreal powder beard cover, fake breasts, lipstick, and a nice outfit like a skirt suit - I look like a real pretty woman! I go out like this and shop in drag and use the women's fitting room and bathroom and pass! So would you ever date a guy like me? I'm not gay into men and never will have sex with men, I only like women, but I would do straight or role reversal with women.

I look good enough in guy mode too to attract pretty enough women. I wore this out shopping in drag and a pretty tall blonde white women said hi to me like she wanted to be girl friends!

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Women who date crossdressers

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