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Spanking… The word alone sends tingles down the length of my body, affecting everything. Mmm… You know what I mean. I asked what is the favorite implement when giving or receiving a spanking. For me as an author, blogger and spankee, I know very easily who appreciates the concept of discipline, whether occasionally or practiced on a regular basis in a domestic discipline situation. The ones that seem to be the most popular have to do with talking about whips and floggers, paddles and canes. John Patrick and I both have our favorites. Well, at least at this point. Mine has to be his belt, since that was the very first implement used to spank me.

Mmm… Giving me shivers just thinking about it. For him, the quirt is very special indeed. I can tell you that WOW the horsewhip hurts like hell. I was in a basement setting with my hands wrapped around a pole and told to remain unmoving. Well, of course I flinched and moaned, but I think I did best spanking implements well. The second time I was all over the place wiggling, whimpering. We talked about my reaction afterwards, wondering why the whipping seemed to hurt so much more.

I honestly have no idea. Women think too much, John Patrick groans every time he tells me that. The re-focusing best spanking implements I keep talking about comes into play here. Taking a woman over their knee, exposing their naked ass and issuing a hard spanking with their hand is very intimate. Plus, the sting is incredible. Oh the dreaded hairbrush — wooden for me is the best. The marks and welts left are quite incredible, and you can store one almost anywhere in case a moment of punishment is needed. The brush is the perfect implement to keep in a glove compartment and of course on a trip, the majority of women have one in their suitcase.

This is another effective piece used when over his knee or lying across a bank of pillows. There are all kinds of paddles that can be used. From the basic table tennis to ones especially made with spankings in mind, various hard woods are used for maximum pain.

I shudder at the amount of force used to place that brand. Very effective in making certain rules are followed. Again, my personal favorite. When John Patrick unfastened his belt or asked me to, I quivered all over. The anticipation alone, knowing the discipline is going to be harsh, is truly something that messes with your mind.

The sting is incredible and the marks left leave no doubt why you receive a spanking. The first day this was used, I will never forget and neither will he. While few might think this is very effective, the rubber spatula can give a sharp wallop in a short period of time. To be used one day. Talk about a paddle. My, oh my, the dense woods used in creating a cutting board can make for a very harsh spanking paddle. I can still hear the sound as he practiced with a very small one, but oh so effective. See how creative you can be in the kitchen?

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These might cross the line into being more about BDSM, but for anyone who practices domestic discipline to any degree, at least a couple are in the bag of implements. The concept of a flogger actually comes in several varieties and there are companies who make dozens including the cattail, single strand, multiple strand, long and short. The styles are endless and you can have them especially made for you. The favorite of John Patrick. I had to read about this and the leather style flogger is used for controlling horses. Lordy is all I can say.

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This is something I would consider being used for a harsher punishment, for serious infractions. But highly effective and the welts left are colorful. Canes are made of everything from rattan to silicone and while they are usually deed the same best spanking implements, long and thing, the effects vary. The traditional wooden cane bends and easy to maneuver.

Silicone canes are denser and act as a slender paddle. They hurt like hell. While not necessarily used in BDSM practices, this is an implement worth noting. Imagine being directed to go out in your own yard to cut a switch. Then you have to watch as he trims off the bark, exposing the green wood inside.

This is something that many will use on various parts of the body, slapping the back, legs, breasts, inner thighs and of course the buttocks. Yep, this is truly something used by professionals in the carpet industry. I can only describe this as an oversized flyswatter.

Imagination is the key here. From slippers to flyswatters, acrylic to wood and leather, there is enough to make certain she stays in line. As with any of these, the spanker needs to know how to use and what will happen when they do.

Testing before using on your submissive or spouse is necessary. This is about inflicting pain, not serious harm. I asked John Patrick this morning to give me just a thought about spankings. His comment was that I need one long, hard one soon since it helps the very willful girl I am.

Go figure.

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Who knew an old fashioned spanking was a motivation tool? Spank Me is a highly respectable corporal punishment firm, catering to providing hard spankings in any method — that is, for a price. After reading the vivid, and very detailed, brochure on corporal punishment methods, Gavin Bellows is convinced the methodology is perfect for best spanking implements, very naughty, employee. Christina Fontaine is intelligent, damn good at her job, and yet, one mouthy woman, alienating every employee with her ballsy attitude. Complaints on the rise, something had to give. On the firing block, Gavin is ready to terminate her position, until a wild idea forms in the back of his mind, an inspiration, no doubt crossing the lines.

Christina hungers for a man she has no business flirting with. Her fantasies about the rough-hewn man were extraordinary, leaving her only more determined. After crossing the line one too many times, she knows her ass is on the line. Determined to win back his favor, as well as his heart, she finagles her way into a harsh agreement in order to keep her job.

Or, so she thought. Little did Christina know, Gavin has the upper hand. A weekend in the country proves to be more than just a method of control, and her entire concept of work ethics and relationships is challenged. Harsh discipline…but, the question is, can she handle the heat? The CANE is my favorite corporal punishment implement. Yes, for me its music to my ears. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using best spanking implements Facebook.

Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Address:. me up! Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist. Get Ready For A…Spankdown! BELT Again, my personal favorite.

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BDSM These might cross the line into being more about BDSM, but for anyone who practices domestic discipline to any degree, at least a couple are in the bag of implements. FLOGGER The concept of a flogger actually comes in several varieties and there are companies who make dozens including the cattail, single strand, multiple strand, long and short.

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Best spanking implements

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