I am a crossdresser

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Please leave empty:. Yes, I do it all the time, and I love it. No, but I would love to do it. I'm just too scared of getting caught. If you awoke one morning wearing this Be very happy and keep it on for as long as possible. Be very embarrassed and take it off. Keep it on for a bit, then take it off. Take it off, but plan to put it back on later. Yes, and I would like it. Yes, but I would not enjoy it. No, I would refuse. You have just gotten a pedicure like your gf asked. Now, she asks you to shave your body and get your makeup done. Would you? Yes, and I would love it. Yes, but I would not like it.

Now your gf asks you to get completely feminised Yes, but I would dislike it.

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I do this all the time, anyway. Yes, and I would love every second. Hell, no!

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You see an advert for dresses. Some women are modelling them. Your very first reaction is What beautiful women. I would look so cute in that dress. I wish I could model dresses. Why would a guy need to do makeup? It was OK. I'm a cross dresser. No, but I often wear female clothes.

I'm trying to find out! Would you rather be able to become a girl when you want to, or to be able to cross dress as one flawlessly? Cross dress. I can already cross dress flawlessly. Comments Change color.

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Jessica R en femme name I have been a crossdresser for as long as I can remember. It started with a passion for the dresses and heels in Mom's closet. I learned early in life to keep it to myself and it is a part of me that I was once very afraid of but have grown to love over time. Lately I have been expanding my wardrobe and developing my makeup skills, hoping to get the look as convincing as possible. I love dresses but am moving more toward everyday wear.

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It's more of a fun challenge to try to look right in a snug pair of jeans and pull that waistline in. Women's jeans tend to be stretchy and very comfortable and you are more likely to blend in and not get noticed. My ultimate objective is to get my look to the point where I can pass in public. Cherchez la femme, she's a part of you and part of what makes us who we are! Dianne Have been crossdressing for years. Stockings, garters, bra, short skirt, lipstick, so arousing! Wish this test had a few more questions such as what a person finds exciting about crossdressing.

I love cross dressing. I do it every day.

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Michelle Aw, i love crossdressing. George At 17, a friend and i were together. This i found incredibly exiting. I mastrubated him. From that time i have been a crossdresser. Now i am much older, but crossdreeing is part of me. Pablo Then one of her dresses. This was for me very exciting, if forbidden. Even now, years later, the desire is intense, but accompanied with feelings of guilt! So, enjoy, dear!

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Have crossdressed for years, love stockings and straps, bra lipstick, short skirt. Find this very arousing! Don Had good possibilities and plenty of women's clothing in a used clothing store once. I started wearing women silk underwater when I was a teenager an met a close friend who took me to a club an was dressed up really cute an I was held an cuddled by a bunch of trans an danced the night away.

BUT what I remember most was they told me I was beautiful an. Was kissed all the people at the bar. Elijah I'm so happy! Rawsex Says I am a cross dresser.

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I was 8 when I wore my moms heels the first time. I wear heels occasionally now and thongs.

I am a crossdresser

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