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She has full rights and I am eager to please her and be her best pet. Thank you mistress hypnosub. Hypnotised and breeding? Yes please. Resistance hurts They say the worst part of trance is waking up. After all when true trance is reached, waking up means you must break away from a the peaceful world trance creates.

Breaking down the relaxation that you hypnosub up through careful induction, undoing all the work to get you deep down in the trance state. To awaken from trance means to break away from a state where fantasies can come true, where new sensations can be felt, and old ones experienced again. The feeling of a deep trance allows ones stress to melt away, for their bodies aches to dissolve.

It is state that many wish they could spend their whole life in. Yet with almost every trance, we must return. We must awaken from our induced slumber and return back to reality.

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And while that switch may be approached with disappointment, it is important to remember that every time you are awoken, you are given another opportunity to fall back down, to relax once more and go deep again. To return back to the world of trance and repeat the process all over again. And for both s of mine, I think the end is here.

How this was like a lovely trance and now its time to wake up. Its been tremendous fun getting hypnosub with the hypnosis hypnosub here. Meeting so many great people, having hours of conversation and sharing our appreciation for hypno with each other. I want to thank all of you who have watched this grow from simple posts featuring hypnosis art to full on short story art captions, I thank you for all the support, and the love you showed me.

I cant begin to express how much I enjoyed being able to share my passion with you all, and I hope my work has inspired some to explore your appreciation for hypnosis more. Thank you again for everything and I hope someday my passion is reignited, and I can meet you all back here again Love you all, Mezz. I'm good slut who only think how serve my master. My body, my mind and my soul created just for hypnosub so he can reprogramm them as he want it.

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In mind all of girls want obey master but too stupid to hypnosub it. It's hypnosub, girls just sluts for black man's for their BBC. Black just better then white so kneel and say "I'm blacked slut" for our master. Ivy smiled with a great warmth in her heart as she saw the pollen penetrating her preys mind. Batgirl stood in a daze as her dazzling captor held her close.

The two embraced in a newly formed bond the pheromones had created, establishing one as mistress and the other as a mindless slave I kept that caption short so I could share with you something I've been thinking for a while. In my time away I've come to realize that while there is so much to love about thisthe hypno community on insta, and making posts, that I believe the time has come for me to consider leaving. I have loved all the support I've recieved and the connections I've made but recently I have found that I've lost a bit of passion for this all.

Hypnosub the hypnosub was in full swing I started this because I found myself very lonely in this world. And through your support I felt a sense of connection and passion to keep creating and posting. But now as the world has shifted closer to normal, I find myself being drawn to new endeavors and away from this. Combine this with a busier work schedule and more complicated life issues and you have all seen how I've struggled to keep posting.

So for now I will say with all likelihood, I will be stepping away from both my s soon. I may make a few last posts to wrap things up, but i feel i don't have much left in the tank. Perhaps in time i may return but till then I want to thank you all for the support you've shown for my silly little posts.

It truly has meant the world to me. Thank you to everyone who I connected with for being apart the experience and making it great. Thank you all again, hopefully I can make a true farewell post soon. Goes with you on every journey. Must obey Kristin had been scrolling through social media for hours now, and was getting kinda restless after just letting her day go by as she lied in bed.

She was about to put her phone away when something caught her hypnosub. It was a small image that she tapped to enlarge and there she found a simple spiral swirling in the center of her screen, drawing in her attention as she watched it loop on itself. She found herself staring at the spiral for several minutes, and before she knew it she was asleep. Waking up the next day she saw as her phone still had the spiral spinning. She looked at the post details, and decided to explore the. The claimed to someone who wanted to "do the thinking for good girls".

She didn't understand that at first but decided to explore the content for a bit. She found more posts like the one she saw last night and had to stop herself a couple times from getting sucked in, each time taking a little more effort to break away. She continued deeper hypnosubwatching post after post, reading captions and comments, noticing how others seemed to be responding to hypnosub posts, claiming that they were "good girls for master".

As she continued oneard her breathing became steady, her mind began to feel more fuzzy, and her body sank deeply into her bed.

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Soon hypnosub body reached a state of autopilot, as she scrolled, watched, and began to the others in commenting. As it seemed like the right thing to do. This continued until she got back to the original video, where Kristin again found herself falling completely asleep, awaking the next morning with a little drool running down her face. She didn't realize then but she had already gone to far to turn back. Continued in hypnosub Thanks to everyone for responding to hypnosub polls. Gave me alot of interesting feedback to work with. For todays post I wanted to give a lil shout out to mind.

Hope you all enjoy hypno hypnosis hypnosub hypnokink hypnofetish mindcontrol brainwashed captions. Jess had been sitting at home scrolling through channels when a speacial news bulletin interrupted her. The anchor was updating a story about strange occurrences which had been increasing in frequency around the world. People had been reporting missing loved ones, others noticed changes to those around them, in their personalities and appearance. Some describe the changed people as zombie like, with most agreeing the changed individuals seemed far from normal. Many of these individuals also began grouping up, creating isolated clusters which seemed to work in the dark.

It was all very concerning to the public as these activities seemed to grow and multiply. With seemingly everyone knowing someone who had "changed". Jess thought about her roomates boyfriend who also seemed to change recently. Governments around the world tried to assure their people nothing was wrong, but the media kept finding reports that something was happening to people, and it seemed to be spreading. Jess heart began to race as she kept thinking about what it all meant.

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Then the lead meteorologist came on and Jess had a huge sigh of relief. Finally a break from the anxiety inducing news horror stories and just some normal updates. At least thats what it seemed like at first.

She watched as the stations weather girl delivered her report. Hypnosub seemed off though, her movements a bit more rigid, her speech, and her eyes seemed unfocused. Jess was unsure about the woman until a shreik came from the TV, clearly a commotion had erupted in the studio. It was then when Jess saw it, tendrils sticking out behind the meteorologists neck, her body contorting more violent, but still those same vacant eyes. Jess heard as the panic in the room continued the, camera at one point getting knocked over.

After a small time it was silent before the camera readjusted on the meteorologist. Continued below Hi everybody. I havent been to active lately and almost didn't hypnosub today, but decided to get one out so I wouldn't wait another week to hypnosub lol. Thanks for all the support, I hope you all enjoy hypno hypnosis hypnosub hypnokink hypnosisfetish mindcontrol. Nancy sat in the study reviewing the details of the case which brought her here.

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The local village had experienced an epidemic of missing persons, as young women simply vanished in the night. With no hypnosub, her client finally headed the villagers complaints and requested for Nancy to the case. That client, Dalia Deville was a local aristocrat charged with watching over the lands surrounding the estate she had invited Nancy to stay at. She had been a kind hostess to Nancy, but Nancy felt if something about Dalia and her estate was suspect. As she reviewed the missing persons she couldn't help but think that some of the girls looked familiar.

It hadn't helped that many of hypnosub servants of the estate were beautiful women just hypnosub the missing girls, but Nancy paused for second as she tried remembering the faces Suddenly the study door opened and Dalia entered holding a tray. On the tray rested a small tea pot and a single cup. Anyways I thought I'd share with you a local brew, to ease your mind" Nancy thought it be rude to refuse Dalia's gesture and took the cup in her hands.

Nancy gently lifted the tea to her lips, taking a small sniff before letting the liquid flow into her mouth. Its taste was pleasant but as she went to place it down her hands began to shake. Looking up from the cup she noticed that her vision grew wavy, as the room began to spin.

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She tried standing but felt that someone had placed their arms on her shoulders, keeping seated. Looking back to see one of the servant girls, she looked forward to the table where her work was laid out to see that very girls photo in her missing persons folder. It was the moment she had discovered what was hypnosub on that it was too late for Nancy. Todays fulfills so more requests so I hope you all enjoy another Nancy post. A bit of feet focused pic but I think the story gives more a hypno vibe. I more hypnosub more understand how master seijiz powerful and beautiful.

He is from superior race and like it should be I obey him hypnosub any questions I'm his queen of spade who love his BBC and will never try to betray. Some people ask me can them be my master. I have beautiful and magnificent master so now I will block every one who will ask this question to me.

Kai had always dreamed of becoming a nurse. She had studied and worked hard for years and finally got the chance for a new high tech medical company. While the company was largely unknown she jumped at the opprotunity to their nursing program. When she entered the building her initial suspicion over the company's low profile peaked as the secretary who greeted her appeared fitted in strange attire. In fact all the employees wore strange uniforms including the nurses.

While she had expected to be dressed in comfortable scrubs, she begrudgingly accept her very own latex uniform as a part of orientation. After changing she and several girls were led to separate rooms for their "orientation". Kai was accompanied by one of the companies current nurses, who shared the same uniform as her, but gave off a strange aura. Kai felt as if she never blinked, and her cheery persona seemed "manufactured". Yet Kai abided by her future coworkers instructions sitting in the seat provided to her.

The nurse then instructed Kai to place on a visor and set of headphones for her orientation video, before returning with looked like a mask for Kai. The young girl was understandably considered, but the hypnosub assured her it was all normal.


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