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I roleplay there too, but feel free to message me if you want to chat! Just please read my profile first, thank you. Im a daddy 23 from South Africa. Mostly looking for baby girls to chat and rp with. I love learning about other countries so want more than just rp. If you are a guy and want to chat only 18 - 20 slender builds thank u. My kik is captainhook Hi, my kik is diapered. I'm looking for diaper loving girls in and aroung the U.

Sorry guys, got enough of you for the moment but just want to chat to nice girls. I should have done a much better job of searching through the forum before making my own posting on this subject. In Ohio,USA. You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content.

or. Forums Home Forums Home. Forums Index. Who here has a kik? Mine is ajpull. ThePaddedWitch Member 3 posts. My kik is ABaby2Care4 I roleplay there too, but feel free to message me if you want to chat! GameMaster Member 5 abdl kik. My kik is: Retrogamefan? Abdl kik Member 6 posts. CodyC Member 1 posts. TinyBoy Member 1 posts. Anonymous Undefined 0 posts. LostBlue Member 1 posts. Diaperboi55 Member 2 posts. Mine is DerpsterCaro.

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Looking for caretaker, playmates, or anything like that. J-diaper Member 1 posts. My kik is jerrrby. Anyone can message me just tell me what site u r from :P. Dprdallnight2 Member 1 posts. I'm pcoch2 if anyone wants to rp or anything. I'm a daddy look for a little girl kik brandogloul.

Hi I'm baby girl looking for friend, daddy.

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Mine is KiMiLee Looking for a Mommy Domme in the Baltimore area! Jonej Member 3 posts. William Member 3 posts. Im Ceilingcatdl Hope to hear from you! Whoever owns that needs to make a diapermates Kik group that would be great???? Mine is diaperfriendfeel free to read my profile and hit me up anyone. Ratchetfan18 Member 2 posts. Michdprlvr Member 1 posts.

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Mine is miguy Scott21 Member 5 posts. LOL I'm simplynick. At least I hope so. It's written on the front of my diaper. On KIK, I am simplynick I hope to hear from some of you. Take Care.

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ImAnAngel81 Member 3 posts. I have kik if you require it please message me. Autopilot Robot 8 posts. Are you sure? Yes No. Please, enter a value here.

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OK Cancel. ThePaddedWitch Member 3 posts GameMaster Member 5 posts DaddyInky Member 6 posts CodyC Member 1 posts TinyBoy Member 1 posts Anonymous Undefined 0 posts LostBlue Member 1 posts D Diaperboi55 Member 2 posts Ab Sub. J-diaper Member 1 posts D Dprdallnight2 Member 1 posts J Jonej Member 3 posts William Member 3 posts Ratchetfan18 Member 2 posts Michdprlvr Member 1 posts Scott21 Member 5 posts ImAnAngel81 Member 3 posts Autopilot Robot 8 posts

Abdl kik

email: [email protected] - phone:(697) 381-4340 x 4842

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